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Hey there, I'm Anisha...


and I love being in the woods and walking barefoot in the grass.

I am a Physician Associate turned Gut Health Coach on a mission to help active people like you achieve freedom from your digestive symptoms through the power of: 

whole food nutrition, deep subconscious work and building nervous system resilience... you can go from confused and in pain on the couch to confident and playing in the mountains (or wherever calls to your soul!)


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I believe...

that healing your digestive issues is the first step to creating a life fun of meaning and purpose you deserve.


I often work with active and busy professionals with digestive symptoms (IBS, SIBO, IBD), who have been to multiple other providers without getting results. Their digestive symptoms are taking up way too much of their time and focus and are holding them back from creating a meaningful and intentional life.


I empower people with the exact right tools to their specific digestive issues so they can stop letting their symptoms steal their focus and start having the freedom and energy to start living a life of design rather than of default.

   Is this you?

  • Living with abdominal pain is like unraveling a never-ending enigma. The unpredictable flare-ups keep you guessing, making simple plans with friends an unpleasant rollercoaster ride of uncertainty.
  • You've¬†tried it all - highly restrictive diets, specialists, Rx medications, supplements but have had no relief in your symptoms.¬†
  • You long for carefree days with friends and travel, free from uncertain bloating, nausea and pain. Your symptoms¬†hinder meaningful interactions, exploration, and savoring delightful cuisines or breathtaking destinations.
  • You are OVER spending money on expensive supplements that aren't helping, testing and programs and are trying to find a solution that will take you from socially anxious to social butterfly

I can help you!


It's time to heal your gut for good.

Working with me means that you have access to my signature three pronged program and my expert coaching prowess. 

After working with me, instead of being confused about your symptoms, you'll have clarity about what your triggers are so you can make an EMPOWERED choice to avoid it. It's not good enough to be symptoms free, it's about creating a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle that still allows you to confidently do all the things you love, be it travel the world, go out to dinner with friends, or take on a month long road trip with someone you really love. 

Through guiding your nutrition, doing deep subconscious work and building nervous system resiliency, I help you achieve FREEDOM to finally live the life you want and deserve.

Not only will you have someone on your side who has worked in the conventional model and understands its limitations, but you have someone who has come out on the other side of IBS and in control of her symptoms.

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Lauren S.

"I don't have bloating in the morning pretty much ever...

and the urgency...has pretty much dissolved. 

I told Anisha in one of our first meetings that I just can't eat chickpeas...and now I make my own hummus and I love it!

And why I'm feeling so happy and empowered is because before set backs felt like failures and now set backs feel like just more that I know how good I can feel."

Lori Ann W.

"This was remembering again that I am worth this…best investment. Hands down.

My reflux: gone. No constipation. No diarrhea. At all. None of that anymore.

This was very personalized. 

I have the energy, attention and clarity. 

I have tried a bunch of different things and I knew right from the beginning this was going to be different."

Danielle M.

"My 'bad days' now are…50 times better than the bad days I was having before.

I feel more confident in my ability to wake up and go do something.  I go to the bathroom like any other human usually once or twice a day…maybe 3…for me, that is the biggest shift because I was probably going 10-15 times a day before.

The amount that I feel indescribable."


I cannot put into words how I happy I am that I am no longer bloated. I have been to so many different traditional and nontraditional doctors and this program is what has worked for me.





Benju S.