I am a Board-Certified Physician Associate turned Gut Health Coach who works with active professionals who are suffering from digestive symptoms, stealing their focus and time, and  empower them with the right tools to heal their symptoms for good so they can create a life full of meaning and purpose.


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Meet Anisha!

Anisha is a Board Certified Physician Associate turned Gut Health Coach. 

I have long suffered with IBS. I have done the elimination diets, the supplements and been to the specialists, often feeling worse than when I arrived. I am SO OVER this. People do not need to suffer. There is a way to get to the root of what is causing your symptoms and help you 


Once upon a time, my whole life was ruled by my unpredictable gut - I swear it had a mind of its own! It determined my social life, messed with my work, and even made me question the possibilities of my own life. I tried everything under the sun - supplements, meds, highly restrictive diets - I know you get it.  I struggled with questionable hair styles, abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, bloating, nausea, headaches, and fatigue.  I could barely go for a run without needing to plan it around a bathroom. I ALWAYS had to know where the bathroom was. I was really scared...

I ultimately consulted a GI specialist, who left me feeling like a helpless spectator in the gut drama that was my life. I can still hear his voice: "This could get worse over time, but everything looks alright for now." I left that appointment feeling so helpless, like I just had to go on living the worst digestive soap opera ever. I knew I had to do anything I could within my power to feel better, and that the conventional system was not going to help me.


But Then Everything Changed...


...one summer, I reached peak "sick of being sick" mode, so I tried something daring - eating simply! I cut out a bunch of things from my diet and only ate whole plant foods but really focused on abundance and curiosity.  I started paying attention to my breath and surrounded myself with people who were vibrant and thriving.  

I knew that conventional medicine wasn't going to help me. I knew I had to change the input in order for the output to change. I focused on EVERYTHING within my control.  

And guess what? In just two weeks, my symptoms were significantly improved.

 Now I'm able to go on multi-day backpacking trips, camp, hike, travel and roadtrip without any worries about what my gut is going to do. 


My own journey started when I was in school to become a Physician Associate. So while I knew conventional medicine had failed me, I also wanted to find out why. I started digging into the research and find so much evidence to be able to help people just like me. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Unfortunately, after 6 years working in conventional medicine, I realized that the insurance model wasn't going to allow me to guide patients the way I knew they needed. That's when I started my business, to help my clients with their nutrition, deep subconscious work, and nervous system resilience so they, too, can be free of their symptoms and do things with so much more intention and confidence.

I have helped countless men and women at this point making the changes they need to be free of their symptoms in a way that is sustainable and that allows them to envision a life filled with energy, vitality, and boundless possibilities!

I speak 3 languages 

Gujarati and English are my first languages and I learned and LOVE Spanish

I am in the military

I serve as a Physician Associate in the MT Air National Guard


I love soccer!

I played really competitively as a kid and still enjoy playing for fun


I live in Montana

I grew up in Maryland but have been in Montana for over 9 years and I love it here

Amsterdam is my favorite city

Great food. Great art. And my brother lives there :)

Ready to finally be FREE of your digestive symptoms so you can live an empowered life?



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